2017 Theme Announced! GET FIERCE

2017 is going to be a year that challenges us.  We are going to encounter moments that will size us up and push our limits.  History is happening.  Reality is testing us.  The moment is now, and it is looking us in the eye and asking, what are you going to do about it?

Get Fierce.

As we gathered to discuss the theme for this year, we could not ignore the urgency of the present when considering our options.  Something was brewing in each one of us, prodding us to ask each other, what kind of message do we want to relay to our community right now?

Get Fierce.

At RCRC, we are bold.  We encourage one another to try instruments we’ve never played and sing in front of people we’ve never met.  Many of us show up to camp with no musical experience.  Some of us have never stepped on stage.  How do we find the courage to accept the challenge and tackle the moment?

We Get Fierce.

The fierce is already in us.  We know we have the power to make noise–we’ve felt it while rocking out onstage and in the company of our RCRC community.  We know that we can play our music with purpose and uncover unity and strength within moments of turmoil.  How can we apply the power of our voices to move towards progress?  

We can Get Fierce.

Maybe it is witnessing discrimination, or seeing justice overlooked. Maybe it is finding yourself overcome by nerves before playing a show.  Maybe it is being bullied.  Maybe it is feeling frustrated by how you are or are not represented in the media. In these moments, what can you do?

You can Get Fierce.  

We don’t believe in sitting idly.  At RCRC, we play our music with pride and fight for what we believe in.  Right now we feel it is imperative that we encourage ourselves and our community to find that inner fire within each of us and channel it.  How will we empower ourselves and each other to do this?

We will Get Fierce

Fierce is taking action. Fierce is being brave.  Fierce is using your voice.  Fierce is trying.  Fierce is making music.  Fierce is getting fired up about what matters to you.  Fierce is being okay with making mistakes.  Fierce is speaking up. Fierce is not backing down from what you believe in. Fierce is us.

Let’s Get Fierce.

Let’s start a movement of fierceness.  Had a moment where you stepped up and got fierce?  SHARE IT.  Tell us your story, post it to Facebook, email us, tweet about it, shout it out.  We want the fierce to be contagious—to pull us together and raise our voice.  Last year we explored how we are enough.  Now, we are enough to get fierce.
We love you, and may the fierce be with you.


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