99 Reasons to Volunteer at Rain City Rock Camp this Summer

Okay, maybe not 99.  But here are the top 10:

1. What we do.

This begs the question…what does Rain City Rock Camp actually do?  In a nutshell, we empower girls, women, and gender non-conforming individuals to engage their creative potential through music, champion equity, and thrive in a community of allies and activists.  Yes, we agree, it is a pretty rad mission. This year we will run 4 weeks of Summer Camp, all sliding scale, all volunteer powered.  Campers come for a weeklong crash course in instrument instruction, songwriting, social justice/empowerment workshops and wacky camp culture.  At the end of the week, campers get to perform their original song with their band at a local live music venue.  In Seattle, this means the Crocodile.

2. Who we do it for.

Youth, 8-17, who identify as girls / gender non-conforming individuals.  We target this audience to shatter stereotypes around gender & music.

3. What camp can do for you.

Summer Camp is about pushing oneself, and that means all of us — campers, staff, and volunteers.  We’ve built a culture that holds us to our highest selves and turns fear into fierce.  We cheer each other on, keep each other accountable, and work together to make something remarkable.  To take ownership of your role as volunteer and then witness the outcome of your efforts — both in yourself and in the campers– is a transformative experience.

4. We need help.

Did I mention that Summer Camp is powered by volunteers?

5. We need YOUR help.

Yes you.  The magic of camp comes from the unique gifts that each of our volunteers offer.  Teach bass, coach a band, move around gear, prepare lunch, rock a weird costume, sell raffle tickets, take candid photos, contribute to a BRAVE, safe space, be an extra cheer in the crowd for our youth. If you have prior music experience, great! If not, your help is equally valuable. We embrace and cherish that which YOU are able to bring to camp.  You are enough to volunteer at summer camp and we want you on our team.

6. Uhh, to say we have a lot of fun is an understatement.  As evidenced by this…

…And this.

…And this too.

7.  Happy Hour 😀

At the end of each day of camp, we reward ourselves by continuing the party 21+ style at a local restaurant to celebrate our success and unleash the laughter.

8.  Meet an incredible community

Lasting friendships are made at Rain City Rock Camp.  Many of our volunteers have been with us since their very first camp experience, have joined bands with other volunteers, and have helped us raise the bar year after year after year.

9.  Be part of our vision.

We envision an equitable world that celebrates creativity, embraces authenticity, and values all voices.  If this resonates with you, please help us realize this vision.

10. #Get Fierce

Our theme for 2017 is Get Fierce. At Rain City Rock Camp, we play our music with pride and we fight for what we believe in. In the face of adversity, we aren’t sitting idly. Instead we are cranking up the volume, amplifying our message, spreading our reach, and calling on YOU to get fierce with us.  Join us.  Sign up.  Volunteer and be the change you want to see in your community.

Your summer camp experience starts here.

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3 thoughts on “99 Reasons to Volunteer at Rain City Rock Camp this Summer

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  2. Happy International Women’s Day! I was listing to KEXP this morning and heard all about the wonderful things you are doing. My name is Scot, I am the proud father of a 15yr old daughter and am very into empowering her and all women and gender non conforming humans. I play guitar a little, more importantly I can repair and do set up pretty well. It’s a hobby of mine, I think I enjoy it as much as playing. Anyhow would you ever need a volunteer to repair, set-up, restring guitars etc? I am also fairly handy with electronics. I’ve repaired a few pedals in my day and soldered in plenty of Pick Ups and POTS. I would like to stress that I am not a professional luthier. Anyhow if there is an opportunity for that I would love to help out.

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