This is a sample schedule of activities that you can find throughout the day during a session of our virtual Adult Rock Camp.
Each day includes activities that encourage us to build community, level up our musical skills, practice self discovery & empowerment throughout interactive workshop, and prepare for the end-of-session showcase.

Friday, May 7th   ///  Theme: Jumpsuit/Onesie Best Life!

9:00- 11:55am     Friday Morning Group Programming & Instruction
12:00-1:00pm      Lunch & Performance
1:00-1:55pm        Friday Afternoon Group Programming
2:00-3:30pm        OFFLINE
3:30-6:55pm        More Friday Group Programming and Band Practices
7:00-7:15pm        CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS

Saturday, May 8th   ///   Theme: Wacky Tops & Wild Hair!

9:00-12:25pm      Saturday Morning Group Programming & Instruction
12:30-1:30pm      Lunch & Performance
1:30-3:30pm        Band Practices
3:30-5:00pm        OFFLINE
5:00-6:00pm        Saturday Evening Group Programming
6:05-6:20pm        CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS

Sunday, May 9th    ///   Theme: Comfort Glam!

9:30-11:55am       Sunday Group Programming & Instruction
12:00-1:00            Brunch & Performance
1:00-3:30pm         Sunday Afternoon Programming & Band Practices
3:35-4:00pm         CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS WKND #1

May 10th-13th: Schedule your own band practice & create music video

Friday, May 14th  ///  Theme: And You Can Dance!

4:00-7:00pm       Friday Night Group Programming & Music Reviews
7:00-8:00pm       Dinner & “RCRC” Performance
8:00-9:30pm       DANCE’ARAMA Virtual Dance Jam

Saturday, May 15th   ///    SHOWCASE FINALE DAY! 

4:00-5:45pm   Group Closing & Business, Transition over to the…

6:00pm     SPRING 2021 ARC SHOWCASE!!
The showcase is a live-streamed virtual experience that is open to the general public. Be sure to invite your friends and family to celebrate your sonic creations!