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Rain City Rock Camp for Girls is mostly a volunteer organization. You can typically expect a detailed reply in around 1 week, unless you indicate your message is extremely urgent. It could take a little longer if we are, you know, on tour or something. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first notified about camper applications, volunteer opportunities, and events.

Year-Round Staff

Natalie Walker,
Executive Director
[email protected]

Sue Spang,
Program Director
[email protected]

Michelle O’Connor,
Director of Community Engagement
[email protected]ncityrockcamp.org


General Contact

[email protected]

Mailing Address

Rain City Rock Camp
117 East Louisa Street
Seattle, WA 98102



Program Staff

Danielle Crivello-Chang
Camp Director, Summer Camp & South Sound Rocks!
[email protected]

Adra Boo
Camp Director, Ladies Rock Camp
[email protected]

Stephanie Anne Johnson
Camp Director, South Sound Ladies Rock Camp
[email protected]

Jeanne Mitchell
Amplified Teen Voices Advisor
[email protected]


Additional Staff

Kris Sigloh, Bookkeeper

Kim Danke, Grant Writer

Jenn Johnson, Technology Director

Board of Directors

Shirley Roberson, President

aNdi pUzl, Vice President

Deb Salls, Treasurer

Libby Wood, Secretary

Edica Esqueda

Len Adams

Kira Shea

Eva Piccininni

Rebecca Kurek


Natalie Walker

Holly Houser



Natalie Walker, Executive Director

Natalie graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Music. She spent many summers during college as a forklift driver, dreaming up big ideas about joining a rock band and starting a women’s movement. She then worked as an intern for acclaimed music journalists who she helped with interviews, transcription, and took copious notes on how to become a rock star. Her first experience with the Rock Camp phenomenon was as a participant in Ladies Rock Camp, a fundraiser for Portland’s RnRC4Gs which provides a Rock Camp experience for women ages 19 and up. Her experience at Ladies Rock Camp illuminated to her not only her own musical potential, but also the potential of social change via music education and personal empowerment. She volunteered at the Girls Camp in Portland in 2008 as a bass instructor and band manager, and became convinced that Seattle could not go on another year without having a Girls Rock Camp. She is also active in the Seattle music community as the bassist and vocalist for the all-female band, Another Perfect Crime, and as the bassist and guitarist in the all-female Radiohead cover band, Pablo Honeys.

Sue Spang, Program Director

Sue holds a degree in Classical Languages & Literature from Lawrence University in Wisconsin, where she also played bass or euphonium in nearly every ensemble at the Lawrence Conservatory of Music. An upright bassist since early high school, Sue has played with groups ranging from heavy metal bands to symphony orchestras. A seasoned teacher and non-profit program curriculum creator, Sue started her career at Rain City Rock Camp as a bass instructor, band coach, roadie manager, and photographer (and two years as the RCRC Graphic Designer), before stepping in to the role of Program Director.  She previously worked as a full-time as a graphic designer, and spent years as the Programs and Publications Manager at 826 Seattle (now The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas) creating and teaching creative writing programs for students ages 6-17 all over the Puget Sound region. As a performing and teaching bassist, building on that curriculum and program development experience musically, especially at RCRC, is a dream opportunity. Sue currently plays bass in the Cascadia Big Band and as a sideman with numerous other bands.

Michelle O’Connor, Director of Community Engagement

Michelle graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, with a research focus on the state of women in music. She has been singing professionally in the Seattle rock scene for over 15 years (Grace Love, The Staxx Brothers and Jam on White Bread). Her combination of real world musical experience and education in Women Studies has armed her with a unique perspective on the importance of empowering girls with the self-confidence to explore a career in music or in anything they choose to do. Her true love is leading the Media Literacy and Body Image workshop, and she dedicates herself to cheering on folks at any age to become strong in themselves and in our community.

Dani Crivello-Chang, Camp Director of Summer Camp & South Sound Rocks!

Danielle was born and raised on the island of O’ahu and moved to Washington when her parents decided to move off of ‘da rock.’ She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University, where she studied International Studies and Communications and holds a Masters in Education from the University of Washington. For nearly 10 years, Danielle has been working at Green River Community College as the Director of Student Life, fulfilling her passion to work with students and help them build lifelong skills in and outside the classroom in an educational environment. She has also spent time during the last 12 summers as a counselor and mentor at a camp for high-risk youth in California and has volunteered at the Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls. The most exciting period of her life was her early teen years where she competed in the World Junior Frisbee Competition, earning the title of Jr. World Frisbee Champion for two consecutive years. Her life, in album form, would be called “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

Stephanie Anne Johnson, Camp Director of South Sound Ladies Rock Camp

Music means the world to me. Music is a place where I find personal freedom. I can exist outside of my body when I practice music. I can connect with people who don’t look like me or talk like me or come from the same country as me or speak my language. I also have a passion for community service and giving back. In Ladies Rock Camp and Rain City Rock Camp I have found a real synergy. It is an incredible honor to be of service to budding performers, to galvanize people toward performative creative pursuits, to encourage women and gender non-conforming folks to use their voices, to take up space and to find a supportive community in which to grow. I look forward to continuing to be of service to this vital community and learning more new things everyday!

Adra Boo, Camp Director of Ladies Rock Camp (Seattle)

I cannot wait to be in the thick with all of you who are interested not only in moving Rain City Rock Camp for Girls (and gender non-binary folks) forward, but also, I am super pumped to witness more grown women and gender non-binary folks living their best rockstar lives, even if only for the weekend. I have had amazing experiences as a camper and volunteer, and I look forward to being at the helm in Seattle and making magic with each one of you. I’m looking forward to the diversity of campers, the sharing, the breaking down of walls, stereotypes, and the stomping down of that voice that says “You CAN’T do that”- ain’t nobody got time for that! I am looking forward to seeing that practice and progress change lives in all the possible ways. See y’all at camp!

Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson has worn a number of volunteer hats for Rain City Rock Camp for Girls. She was a founding board member, spent 3 years as Volunteer Coordinator, and is now Technology Director. Most of her work life has been in non-profits, education, and technology and she is now a project manager and strategist at a digital agency that focuses on those sectors. She’s played bass for 20 years, been in 7 bands, once quit a job to move across the country to LA with a band, booked a national tour covering 22 cities, and now plays with Pablo Honeys, a Radiohead tribute band that she started with other RCRC’ers.


Board of Directors Bios Coming Soon

Spring Ladies Rock Camp

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