Adult Rock Camp: DJs Turn the Tables

OMG, friends! Spring’s Adult Rock Camp 👏🏾 WENT 👏🏾 AWFF! And just how did we go so hard for our new DJ curriculum? Here are just a few of the ways:

We had the honor of having instruction and coaching from local favorites DJ Mike Steve, DJ Ray Ray, and Deejay Hershe. We had the best guest workshop instructors: Dr. Angie Dane blessed us with the Black HERstory of rock’n roll, Goddess Briq House turned the tables fully on the way in which we love and care for ourselves from the inside out, and our very own Parker Pavitt led us through some sweet creativity in the art of zine making. Each piece of instruction was held in a space of learning, stepping out of comfort zones, and being present for each other.

DJ Crew Dirty Tast-E Munnii aka Intersectionals

The weekend wasn’t without its challenges. This is the first time we really dove into this kind of programming, but at the same time, we were able to figure out so much, from how to DJ on PCs to concepts of mixing. By Sunday, all 8 of our DJ campers had formed into 3 crews that blended so lovely into each other’s sets!

High praise and major shout outs to our camper crews for taking a journey with us, and then for giving us one of the best return-to-in-person live shows EVER! The jams were in abundance, booties were out their seats and grooving throughout the night! Super-human shoutouts go to the new DJ crews: Chop House, ✌🏼☮️ (yep, 2-peace), and
Dirty Tast-E Munnii aka the Intersectionals! Y’all DJ’d the house down!

Chop House with DJs CHI, Nefertiti, and Lil F Stop

Stay tuned for Fall 2022’s camp. Info is definitely to come, but before that, we look forward to summer programs. We can’t wait to see a handful of our ARC folx in volunteer mode, sharing with the youth and making more magic in the name of awesomeness! My my my how the tables will turn so fabulously!

Your captain,
Adra Boo

Captain Boo leading warm-ups at the showcase, May 29th at Clock-Out Lounge
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