Announcing Our 2019 Camp Theme!

Rock It Like We Talk it!

“This year is about allowing ourselves to fall, to get back up, and to keep going at it ‘till we get to where we want to be, moving forward, starting our own fire/rocket and keeping it lit.”

Adra Boo, Ladies Rock Camp Director

Alright, we are three months into 2019.  Last year we were all about how practice makes progress. This year we are challenging ourselves to take that theme even further and push ourselves to live out our beliefs.  We are asking ourselves to be impeccable with our word, authentic to our ethics, and genuine in our commitments.

Rocking it is being accountable to yourself. “It is being true to your word and following through with your plans.”

Carly Toyer, Summer Camp Director

Our theme focuses on action! It says, okay, we’ve talked about how were going to do this thing, now let’s go out and do it! Even if it seems daunting, even if we are afraid that we might not get it right, thanks okay, get out there and ROCK IT. Rocking it is bold.

Rocking it is “putting ideas into action.”

Danielle Crivello-Chang, Lead Youth Program Staff

We’ve talked a lot about how perfection isn’t our goal at rock camp, but it is still hard to shake that need to be seen a certain way, to be passive over active, to not ruffle feathers in the face of disagreement or speak up when you may be the only one to do so.  All too often our goals, our dreams, and our promises to ourselves and to one another can get lost in the chatter, in the over-analyzation, and in the need to perfect or control.

“It is tending one’s own fire or garden. It speaks to last year’s theme and
continues that mission forward.”

Stephanie Anne Johnson, South Sound Ladies Rock Camp Director

In these moments, we’ve got to give ourselves permission to ROCK IT. We want to remind one another that it is okay to make mistakes!  It is okay to get out on stage even if you don’t feel like your song is perfect! It is okay to stand up for what you believe in even if you are afraid! Go forth and rock it. What is important is that you are doing it.

“We are taking the things that we teach and learn at camp and applying it to our personal lives.”

Jeanne Mitchell, Activated Teen Voices

We are challenging all of us to check in with ourselves about how we are really integrating the lessons we’ve learned at rock camp into our lives. ROCK IT LIKE WE TALK IT.  Yes, we love the way it rhymes and allows for some fantastic future rocket puns (yep, they are coming) AND we are also holding ourselves to this mantra.

“It’s a temperature check for us all — anyone can say they’re pushing for change in themselves, in their lives, in the world but are we taking that next step?”

Sue Spang, Program Director

We invite you to reflect on this year’s theme and consider how you interact with your own values, ethics, and goals.  And we invite you to rock it in 2019 over and over and over again!

How do we rock it?
Like we talk it!

How do we talk it?
Like we rock it!


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