ARC Will Rock With You in 2022

A message from your Captain,  Adra Boo,  Adult Camp Director & Programs Lead

Talk about a time of change, y’all. I hope each one of you are taking the time to be grounded, find balance and calm, especially now as the city, the state, and the country is rolling back and forth between opening, vaxxing, masking, and everything in between.

As change is happening all around, we, too, are looking at change and transition. With that said, we are going to forego our Fall ARC. Looking back at the start of the year, it made sense to continue with virtual programming, and we stand by our prioritizing of safety. I have put so much intention and energy and love into planning out our adult camp, but I also want to look to the future a bit. So, we’re pulling it back to actually more heavily plan spring 2022’s camp!

Folx have been asking me, left and right, about when we finally get to be back in person, and I keep telling everyone “2022!” But at the same time, what about the folx who haven’t been able to attend and finally could because it was virtual? I can’t leave those folx out either, so for the next months, I’m going to be looking at how we create a hybrid model, one that has all of the feels and intention of what our camp is, and also continues to diversify and create access to and in the program.

We are stoked to be doing this planning, this work, and I know it will be the most awesome thing for ARC (and maybe even for the whole org, but let’s try it here first, lol)! So, I hope (and know) that you all will stay tuned! We’re even going to send you a short questionnaire because your thoughts and ideas are important to us too. As usual, I’ll be asking you what YOU want for ARC, be it mini-courses, more opportunities to perform with your band, and of course, your desires for camp. And it’ll be anonymous, so tell me everything (when it comes to your emails, of course). Watch your emails for that survey in the next month or so. Okay, everyone. Please be well, be safe, and we’ll be seeing each other soon!

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