Art & Activism: New Social Justice Series at The Vera Project

Our friends at The Vera Project are hosting a great new series on the topic of social justice this spring. The classes will take place once a month starting in March, until June. For youth and adults alike, this is a great way to learn about important topics such as racism, privilege, cultural differences, and more. The series starts off Thursday, March 21st with a panel comprised of artists who use their craft as a way to create social change.

At Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, we aim to create a space that addresses the oppressions and micro-aggressions that might lead to a negative self-esteem in girls. We can’t address self-esteem without addressing racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and all the “ims” out there. We also feel that music is an extremely powerful tool for change- personal and social.

Do you think art (music or other mediums) is an effective way to change people’s minds about important social issues? Have you seen examples of this?