Art & Activism: New Social Justice Series at The Vera Project

Our friends at The Vera Project are hosting a great new series on the topic of social justice this spring. The classes will take place once a month starting in March, until June. For youth and adults alike, this is a great way to learn about important topics such as racism, privilege, cultural differences, and more. The series starts off Thursday, March 21st with a panel comprised of artists who use their craft as a way to create social change.

At Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, we aim to create a space that addresses the oppressions and micro-aggressions that might lead to a negative self-esteem in girls. We can’t address self-esteem without addressing racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and all the “ims” out there. We also feel that music is an extremely powerful tool for change- personal and social.

Do you think art (music or other mediums) is an effective way to change people’s minds about important social issues? Have you seen examples of this?

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2 thoughts on “Art & Activism: New Social Justice Series at The Vera Project

  1. Hi,

    I am working with a 15 year old who is interested in the arts, social justice, and music, and I just saw this series at the Vera Project. How do I send her to this? Do you have to sign up in advance or do we just show up at 6pm to the Vera Project and pay the sliding scale fee?



    1. Hi Leslie,

      We are not currently running a program at the Vera project. We do, however, have a some spots for a 15 year old at our Summer Camp, as well as spots in our Advanced Music Program for girls that have prior musical experience. Please see our “Come to Camp” page for more info.

      Thank you!

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