Band of 200: Join the Band Today!

Yes, we ARE the band! The camp song is ringing in our ears as we launch a new campaign to support the amazing Rain City Rock Camp for Girls programming and superb staff/volunteer team who make it happen. DonateWidgetFrame

As members of the RCRC Board of Directors, we invite you to stand with us and join the Band of 200. Every year, we get to welcome 200 girls to a soul-stirring, girl-affirming rock camp experience. That’s 200 voices raised, 200 individuals discovering what they’ve got to share, 200 brave souls leaning in to try something new in side-by-side support of their peers.

Our collective support sends the message that we believe in the power of each girl’s journey. We REALLY want to hear them play! As members of the community and of the Rain City Rock Camp for Girls Board of Directors, we have already pledged our support, because we couldn’t wait to let those girls know how much we care. Why wait a minute longer? Go ahead and give. Then, by all means, spread the word.

  • The first 200, $200 donors will receive an artisan-crafted “We Are the Band” charm and bracelet.
  • Donations are tax deductible.

Let’s be the loudest and most powerful cheering section these girls have ever heard.

United We Band!

Kindling Creativity

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.”

This revelation arrived on a long plane ride home from Nairobi, Kenya, a few months ago. It came in the form of a TED Talk by Brene Brown, whose 12 years of academic research on the subject of guilt, shame and vulnerability led her to this profound conclusion.

It quickly brought to mind the power of Rain City Rock Camp for Girls (RCRC) and the many ways camp helps girls open up to try new things. The warm, trust-building environment makes campers feel secure enough to expose their curiosity, ideas, talent and determination. With that openness comes greater capacity to take risks and kindle creativity.

As a parent of two children who’ve attended camp, I can see firsthand how getting up on stage at a rock music venue with less than a week of practice is a perfect metaphor for leaning into any creative challenge and rising to it. As a ladies’ rock camp alum, I’ve felt the fear, big time, and moved through it to enjoy the elation waiting on the other side.

This cycle builds resilience. It develops core strength. It’s a proving ground for individual identity at any age.

At the conclusion of her presentation, Brene encouraged the audience to “dare greatly,” which is exactly what RCRC encourages each camper to do for herself on her own terms. This is just the kind of boldness the world needs now from girls like yours and mine. It’s a gift RCRC shares generously, one generation to another.

-Ann Bradford, Board of Directors & Camper Parent