Our 2023 Theme: Make A Scene

Happy 15th Birthday to us! It’s another year of RCRC rockin’ and boppin’ along in our Wacky Wednesday finest, and for the first time, we are reviving a theme previously used in our fifteen year history. You may remember it from 2013…is everybody ready? This year’s theme is…drumroll please……MAKE A SCENE!

We asked our staff and ATV members, “What does ‘Make a Scene’ mean to you?” Our collective thoughts sounded like this: Lights, Camera,  Action! We can take inspiration from DIY musicians we love, and create our own music scene that highlights musicians of marginalized genders, genuinely representing *us*. In our own unique rock camp way, we can disrupt the norm, express energy around things that are important, and cause a ruckus! We’ll lean into the campiness and comedic drama of it all, and artfully think outside of the box. ‘Make a Scene’ can also mean being transparent about what goes on behind the scenes of your creativity, translating your musical expression into storyboards and music videos or performances- the theatrical essence of music

What does ‘Make a Scene’ mean to YOU? We can’t wait to find out!

Join Us at Virtual Summer Camp!

A big part of our work for racial justice lies in our commitment to redoubling our efforts to ensure our programs center and uplift womxn, girls (cis and trans) and gender expansive folks of color, are accessible to all communities, and educate participants about the systemic racism faced by people of color—particularly Black womxn and gender non-conforming musicians—in the music industry and beyond. These goals have been integral to our planning for our summer programs.

We’re excited to share our plans for a Virtual Summer camp that will be every bit as empowering and meaningful as our in-person camps. And, we hope you’ll join us on this new adventure of self expression! 

What you can expect from Virtual Summer Camp:

  • Online workshops, assemblies and dance parties 
  • Music instruction and songwriting
  • Live performances from guest bands
  • A balance of screen time and real-world activities and interactions
  • Camper Power-up Pack complete with Tour Guide, lanyard, t-shirt and crafts to make the camp experience come to life
  • Tons of staff support—We recognize that technology can present problems for campers and families, and we’re here to help make it easy and accessible!
  • Five days of programming, Monday to Friday
  • A virtual showcase on the final afternoon where campers can show off their new skills

Summer Camp has always been about creating an empowering, safe space where campers can express themselves authentically and fully. Usually that space exists under one roof, but this year we’re building it under many. Our virtual space grows bigger and better with each person who joins Virtual Summer Camp! If you have any questions about signing up to participate or volunteer at Virtual Summer Camp, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at mandy@raincityrockcamp.org or 206-437-2365. You can also check out our Virtual Summer Camp FAQs. We hope you join us for Virtual Summer Camp!


Rain City Rock Camp
Program Manager

We Need Your Support Today

Last year we asked you to Give Big because we believe the work Rain City Rock Camp is doing to empower womxn, girls (cis and trans) and gender expansive folks through music is essential. This year the world looks a lot different, but we’re asking you to Give Big again, if you can, because our work is more important now than ever.

Give Big to Rain City Rock Camp!

RCRC’s programs create a safe space for campers to express themselves freely through music and to connect with peers and mentors who are fearlessly authentic as well. Our camps are more than music camps. Don’t get us wrong—we rock all the way out! But, even more important, we build a supportive, empowering community where participants discuss media impact on self-image, learn how to set boundaries, explore basic self-defense tactics, and practice body positivity, teamwork and problem solving. The experience has a lasting impact on campers’ lives.

Rock Camp has been one of the biggest parts of my life for as long as I can really remember, no exaggeration. ... I don't think anyone could really ever truly know how important this camp was to me, especially as a queer teen—and a neurodivergent one! I met a lot of people like me, and a LOT more people unlike me, and they made me realize the type of person I really wanted to be and the things I really wanted to put out in the world. ... [C]oming out at camp to my annual camper friends was one of the most amazing and welcoming coming-out experiences of my life. I constantly wish that RCRC was year-round because it truly gives campers like me a sense of belonging, adventure, and spontaneity, all at once. I couldn't imagine the person I would be without it.

It’s a tough time to ask for your support because we know that a lot of people are struggling in the midst of the pandemic. If you can’t give right now, we understand completely. But if you are in a position to offer your support, would you donate today?

Support Rain City Rock Camp Today

Your support means that we can adapt our programs so that our community can gather together virtually this summer. It means that after COVID-19 is long past, we’ll still be empowering womxn, girls (cis and trans) and gender expansive folks. But, we can’t do it without you!

It’s a Mash-up Moment!

Hello Rain City Rockers!

I am so stoked to share the Camp Song video mash-up with you! When brainstorming with the RCRC staff how we can stay connected during this difficult time, it became clear that finding a way to come together and make music has never been more essential for us as a community.

As I listened to all the seriously awesome submissions from folx, the message of the song stood out more clearly than ever (maybe also because it is now permanently stuck on loop in my head). We’re here to rock and we won’t stop! So crank it up, jump around, and maybe just for a moment, let yourself imagine you’re at the Showcase singing with the entire Rain City Rock Camp family.


RCRC Program Manager

Let’s get together online!

The health and safety of the Rain City Rock Camp community is our priority right now—and that means emotional and mental well-being too! We may not be able to gather together in person during the COVID-19 outbreak, but there are lots of other ways we can continue to support you.

We have some ideas, but we’d like to know what you think! How can our RCRC family stay engaged during this difficult time?

Click as many answers as you like, and don’t be shy about adding your ideas!

Join in With Our Camp Song Mash-up!

It’s a hard time to be apart right now, so we thought the RCRC community could do what it does best and come together to play music—specifically the Camp Song! Submit a video of yourself singing and/or playing the Camp Song on your instrument of choice by Tuesday, March 24. We’ll cut the videos together to create one amazing video of all of us playing music together while apart. 

Send your video (ideal format is MP4) to mandy@raincityrockcamp.org by next Tuesday, March 24. WE ROCK!

How do I participate?

  • Download this guitar + click track of the Camp Song.
  • Download sheet music for the instrument you plan to play.
  • Record your part in time with the backing track.
  • Submit your video to mandy@raincityrockcamp.org by March 24!

Need some inspiration to get you started? These two are rocking the Camp Song!

Wait, I still have questions!

Do I need special equipment?
Nope, use your phone, computer, or whatever device you have access to! If you have an audio interface, feel free to use it, but it’s definitely not required.

What if I don’t have the song memorized?
We got you! You can access PDFs for all of the instrument parts here, and listen to a complete recording to remember how it goes.

Should I just submit vocals?
We’re asking for all the instrumentals for the song! If you want to sing AND play guitar/bass/drums/keys, that’s great, or you could just play your instrument of choice.

Should I play the backing track while I’m recording?
If you’re able to listen to the backing track (guitar and click track) using headphones, that will help get a cleaner audio on the video for your instrument/vocals. If you’d rather not use the backing track, the key is C Major at 150 BPM.

LRC Alumnx Rock Again at the 2020 Winter Assembly!

Midnight Crater: Karen Studarus (she/her, guitar), Hallie Tanner (she/her, vocals), Elisha Ewing (she/her, drums/bass), Rachel Betron (they/them, bass/drums)
Midnight Crater: Karen Studarus (she/her, guitar), Hallie Tanner (she/her, vocals), Elisha Ewing (she/her, drums/bass), Rachel Betron (they/them, bass/drums)

Ladies Rock Camp (LRC) isn’t just a camp, it’s a community that celebrates the creative potential of women and gender non-conforming individuals year round. We’d love for you to come join that celebration on Sunday, February 16 at Skylark Café and Club in West Seattle from 4pm to 7pm!

Continue reading “LRC Alumnx Rock Again at the 2020 Winter Assembly!”

Band of 200: Join the Band Today!

Yes, we ARE the band! The camp song is ringing in our ears as we launch a new campaign to support the amazing Rain City Rock Camp for Girls programming and superb staff/volunteer team who make it happen. DonateWidgetFrame

As members of the RCRC Board of Directors, we invite you to stand with us and join the Band of 200. Every year, we get to welcome 200 girls to a soul-stirring, girl-affirming rock camp experience. That’s 200 voices raised, 200 individuals discovering what they’ve got to share, 200 brave souls leaning in to try something new in side-by-side support of their peers.

Our collective support sends the message that we believe in the power of each girl’s journey. We REALLY want to hear them play! As members of the community and of the Rain City Rock Camp for Girls Board of Directors, we have already pledged our support, because we couldn’t wait to let those girls know how much we care. Why wait a minute longer? Go ahead and give. Then, by all means, spread the word.

  • The first 200, $200 donors will receive an artisan-crafted “We Are the Band” charm and bracelet.
  • Donations are tax deductible.

Let’s be the loudest and most powerful cheering section these girls have ever heard.

United We Band!

Kindling Creativity

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.”

This revelation arrived on a long plane ride home from Nairobi, Kenya, a few months ago. It came in the form of a TED Talk by Brene Brown, whose 12 years of academic research on the subject of guilt, shame and vulnerability led her to this profound conclusion.

It quickly brought to mind the power of Rain City Rock Camp for Girls (RCRC) and the many ways camp helps girls open up to try new things. The warm, trust-building environment makes campers feel secure enough to expose their curiosity, ideas, talent and determination. With that openness comes greater capacity to take risks and kindle creativity.

As a parent of two children who’ve attended camp, I can see firsthand how getting up on stage at a rock music venue with less than a week of practice is a perfect metaphor for leaning into any creative challenge and rising to it. As a ladies’ rock camp alum, I’ve felt the fear, big time, and moved through it to enjoy the elation waiting on the other side.

This cycle builds resilience. It develops core strength. It’s a proving ground for individual identity at any age.

At the conclusion of her presentation, Brene encouraged the audience to “dare greatly,” which is exactly what RCRC encourages each camper to do for herself on her own terms. This is just the kind of boldness the world needs now from girls like yours and mine. It’s a gift RCRC shares generously, one generation to another.

-Ann Bradford, Board of Directors & Camper Parent