Ladies Rock Camp Mini-Courses

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Ladies Rock Camp Mini-Courses are year-round, weekend workshops designed to engage, educate and empower people* in our community. Participants will further cultivate their musical skills and knowledge through the study of performance techniques, songwriting & arranging, technology and “show biz” topics.  At the core, LRC curriculum and programming is rooted in addressing music topics through the lenses of feminism and social change.
Prior participation in Ladies Rock Camp is not required
Ages 21+
Workshop enrollment will generally be limited to 10 participants per session

Previous Workshops

Spice Up Your Strumming:

Stuck in a strumming rut? 70’s folk music got your hand? This workshop will add new patterns to your strumming repetoire and present foundational rhythmic techniques so you can build your own stock of spicy strums.

Leading Ladies:

The secret to the art of soloing is having great “nuggets” to work from. Basic scale patterns, picking techniques, and tried and true embellishments can take you far in developing your lead playing skills. Come prepared for a finger stretching ‘shred’ workout!

Dangerous Duos:

Playing with two guitars is an art form in and of itself. Layered rhythms, counterpoint, lush harmonies and melodic conversations are just a few ways you can get beyond simply being louder. This workshop will push your imagination, even on the possibilities of interplay between rhythm and solo guitars.

Songwriter’s Workshop:

What makes an “epic” song? How do some songs have the power to evoke deep emotions or change our mood? Participants will listen, critically, to songs noted for their dynamic qualities and use their reflections and observations to work on an arrangement of their own song. Using collaborative techniques, the group will share and give feedback on works in progress.

Fun With Uke-A-Saurus Rex:

The ukulele ROCKS! Four strings, simple cord forms, very portable and truly versatile sounding – no wonder there has been a renaissance. Give us two hours and you’ll be playing three-chord songs just like Tiny Tim and Gidget. This workshop will set participants up for many hours of enjoyable strumming, plinking and plucking, as well as present some ideas about how to wield this tiny tune-maker as a songwriting weapon!

Drummers’ Toolkit:

Ever watch a pro dummer set-up, calmly swiveling on their throne, adjusting angles, doing final touch tuning, tapping, tuning, tapping, tuning…Want to set up like a pro? Want to KNOW what to make adjustments on? Want to know what to have ‘in the bag’ to do all that and more? Come learn what you can put in your toolkit and take your set-up routine to the next level!

Home Recording Basics:

From Garageband to Ableton, Cakewalk to Pro-tools; there are so many options available to create your own recording empire at home! In this intro session, attendees will build their understanding of terms and tools (both necessary and nice-to-have) while laying a foundation to compare software, equipment and products. Come learn some simple tricks to make recording fun, faster and yielding higher quality products.

Home Recording Input:

“You get out what you put in.”  That’s how the saying goes – and with recording, it’s true! The better the ‘raw materials’, the easier and better the finished mix will be. Where should you place mics on a drum kit if you only have one, two, or at best, three? (Most of us don’t have 12 mics or unlimited channels…) When should you mic an amp and when is direct input a better option? How do you ‘dial in’ the right tone?  Participants will have opportunities to critique differences in choices for mic placement and input variations. Also, there will be opportunities to experiment with sound isolation (eliminating background/other instrument sound).

Home Recording Output:

The tracks have all been captured, and then, it’s time to make sure the magic translates into 16- (or 24-) bit sound. Recording can bring us back to a moment in time, good or bad.  Learn how to take those lines of sound and mix them back into ‘THE BAND’. The band that you want to remember, that is.  Sprinkling in effects (reverb, compression, etc.), judiciously, and clipping out some unwanted clicks and clacks can put the final polish on your recorded song. Last, but not least, participants will have a chance to engage in a discussion about when you might want to take that final step: Mastering.

PA Masterclass:

Live show sound can really leave a lasting impression, good or bad. How well you hear yourself can truly make or break a show or a rehearsal. Take command of your sonic destiny by learning optimal set-up, level setting, and how to add effects. Got amps or other pieces to mic? Learn the best way to do so. Also, take some tricks on keeping the middle of the stage from becoming a rat’s nest of cables and cords. You’ve worked hard on your songs and your sound — they should be heard in the best way possible.  

Gearhead* Basics:

Often, when things go wrong with our instruments, we take it to a repair shop because we’re afraid of “messing it up more!” This workshop will give you the tools to assess, troubleshoot and isolate issues; then replace strings with the perfect string wind; maintenance fasteners and connectors with confidence; and cheer up those intonation blues.

Gearhead* Builders:

Cables are necessary. Cables break. Cables can cost a pretty penny. BUT Cables are fairly simple to build AND you can build a high quality cable, sometimes at less than half the price of retail cables. In this workshop we will go over the basics – different structures and connectors; learn how to soder, properly; and finally, build a cable! We will also show how you can test your cables for troubleshooting and fixing. Cables in this workshop will go to the RCRC stockpile unless you would like to purchase your cable at cost.

Stage Presence:

Do you wish you could sail across the stage with flair but you’re too scared to try it in real life? Join performance coach Lauren Domino and rock star choreographer Jeanne Mitchell in an interactive workshop that pushes your personal performance boundaries. In a safe and supportive space, you will watch the moves of famous performers, design an onstage persona, and practice rock star moves that will captivate your audience. After this workshop, you will walk away with a list of moves that you can try in the mirror at home… and then wow us when you take the stage.

Pedal Power – Amp Up Your Sound:

Pedals provide possibilities. Learn how pedals can be used to make your guitar/bass sound crunchy, trippy, smooth, and echoey, and make your voice sound like you’re in an opera house, garage, and wind tunnel. In this workshop, you will learn about different types of guitar/bass pedals (distortion, compression, modulation, delay, fuzz) and experiment with the variety of sounds they make. In addition, you will alter your vocals using the Helicon vocal pedal. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the basic types of pedals for guitar, bass, and vocals, and basic tactics for experimenting with and refining your sound.

Home Recording

Does your band want to lay down some tracks for your website? Are you a multi-instrumentalist who wants to write a full song on your own? Lisa Groom will show you how to record individual tracks, layer them using free recording software, and convert files to mp3. Workshop attendees will walk away with a list of equipment needed to record at home and a fundamental understanding of how to edit using recording software.

*All people who identify as female (cis or trans), trans, or gender non-conforming are welcome to be campers or volunteers in leadership positions at RCRC.

7th Annual Fall Gala

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