South Sound Rocks!

Our 2018 South Sound Rocks! season is all wrapped up! Thank you so much to all our campers, parents, and volunteers who made it possible! Stay tuned early next year for info on 2019.

South Sound Rocks! is a day camp for youth* ages 8-17. Campers come for a weeklong crash course in playing an instrument, songwriting, social justice and empowerment workshops and more! At the end of the week, campers get to perform their original song with their band at a local live music venue. Campers do not need to have any prior music experience and instruments will be provided.

Who may Apply to Rain City Rock Camp?
Any female-identified, trans, or non-gender-conforming youth who will be ages 8-17 during the camp session may apply. No experience is necessary, and you don’t have to live in South Puget Sound or Washington State to apply (please see below for more information on out-of-town campers).

Stay Tuned for the 2019 SSR Application!

Tuition: Sliding scale: $425 – $25. We appreciate your support in paying what you are able, and any amount over $425 is a tax-deductible donation that will continue to help us rock the world! When you apply, please pledge what you can pay and we will contact you within two weeks to confirm tuition and will request payment at that time. Please contact [email protected] or information regarding payment plans or questions regarding tuition. 

After you Apply:

  • You will hear from us about your enrollment status as soon as possible, and your instrument placement on June 1. You will also get information on all things tuition at that time. Tuition will be due on June 15. 
  • In order to get as many campers in as possible, we will be assigning them into all available instrument spots. Please be flexible and know that our philosophy is all instruments are awesome!

Tuition: Sliding scale: $425 – $25. We appreciate your support in paying what you are able, and any amount over $425 is a tax-deductible donation that will continue to help us rock the world! When you apply, please pledge what you can pay and we will contact you to confirm tuition and will request payment at that time. Please contact [email protected] for information regarding payment plans or questions regarding tuition. 

2018 Express Yourself Piece:

The Express Yourself Piece (EYP) component of the Summer Camp application is a way for us to get to know our campers  and is related to our theme for the year, so get ready to think about what it means to you! This year’s theme is “Practice Makes Progress.” This theme was created by Amplified Teen Voices, our Teen Leadership Council. 

Here are some thoughts from them about the theme to help you get started:

“Practice Makes Progress is setting goals, and thinking about what I CAN do.”

“It allows room for error, knowing that progress is not always a straight line.”

“It is making the choice to learn.”

“Practice Makes Progress is making a difference no matter where I am in my process.”

The Express Yourself Piece (EYP) can be in any format you choose, such as a painting, song, video, collage, etc. The more creative, the better! Please send the EYP to our programs team at [email protected]. We are so excited to see what you come up with and may even feature your EYP on the RCRC Instagram and Facebook pages!

Additional Information/Frequently Asked Questions

Does the camp run for half days or full days?
Camp takes place from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, with the Saturday afternoon showcase starting at 12:30pm. All campers must be present all day each day; please avoid scheduling appointments or other commitments during these times.

Is Rain City Rock Camp only about music?
Although our mission focuses upon using music as a tool for confidence-building in youth, our camp also includes a number of workshops on multiple forms of empowerment — learning about media and body image; self-defense techniques; our theme, which this year, is “Practice Makes Progress;” and more.

We don’t live in South Puget Sound but will be there visiting during Rock Camp; is my child eligible to apply?
Yes! You can definitely apply and we always have a few campers who aren’t based in Washington year-round. If you are coming from out of town and would like more information about the South Puget Sound area, please contact us at [email protected]. We do not provide lodging or accommodations, and we are unable to give campers any personal information of other participants. We do, however, encourage campers and families to network with their peers through our parent/caregiver Facebook group. You will be added to this group once camper enrollment has been accepted.

My camper wanted to play bass when we signed up, but now that we’re closer to camp they want to switch to drums! Is this possible?
At camp, you can choose to study guitar, bass, drums, or vocals. Please indicate your first, second, third and fourth choices of instrument on the application. Although we do our best to accommodate everyone’s preferences, some campers will not get their first choice of instrument. Due to the need to acquire gear in advance, you cannot change your selection after you send in your application and you cannot change during the camp session. All instruments are awesome!

My spouse plays the guitar and has a personal instrument that our camper could use at camp. Do they need to bring it along to camp?
Instruments will be provided for use at camp during the camp week. If you or your camper have your own instrument, please feel free to bring it, knowing that your camper will be responsible for keeping it safe. Please note that Rain City Rock Camp for Girls does not accept liability for personal instruments.

Do you provide lunch or other meals for campers during the day?
Rain City Rock Camp for Girls provides lunch and snacks for South Sound Rocks! campers. Please make us aware of any food allergies or intolerances on your application.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Cancellations more than 30 days prior to the first day of camp programming will be issued a tuition refund, minus a $50 deposit fee. Cancellations 30 days or less from the first day of camp forfeit their tuition and will not be issued a refund.

Volunteer at South Sound Rocks!

We need a lot of folks to help make this south end location a great success. Check out the South Sound Rocks! Volunteer page for more information and applications!

*All people who identify as female (cis or trans), trans, or gender non-conforming are welcome to be campers or volunteers in leadership positions at RCRC.

Past SSR! Camps