Amplified Teen Voices

Scriber Lake HS

For 2019, Rain City Rock Camp is revisioning our Amplified Teen Voices Program with a new team of advisors, a deep passion for exploring the role of girls, gender-marginalized folks, and people of color in the Seattle and global music scene, a dynamic new leadership training and gear-knowledge-centric curriculum, and opportunities to work with other like-minded organizations to make real change in our community and beyond. 

We are currently accepting applications for our 2019 Amplified Teen Voices cohort, to begin in January 2019.

As a member of Amplified Teen Voices, your initiatives would include:

  • Building strong peer-to-peer relationships with like-minded teens interested in music and the arts, leadership, and activism
  • Exploring and assisting RCRC in building action-oriented, relevant, youth-driven programming
  • Opportunities to connect and work with youth leaders from other area organizations
  • Providing a crucial voice in how RCRC works with youth and our direction as an organization
  • Working with experienced mentors to expand your leadership skills, both at RCRC and beyond
  • Exploring the more technical side of music and equipment, including how to fix, maintain and build musical gear
  • Acting in a leadership role during our youth programming both in the summer and year-round
  • Visioning and producing a Youth Summit in 2019 addressing the year’s work and providing a valuable action-oriented youth voice in the challenges faced by girls, gender-marginalized youth, and youth of color in music and our community

As an organization, we are heavily invested in creating a diverse, dynamic group of teen leaders representing many facets of our programming and community, and are always looking for ways to reduce barriers to participation in all of our programming. In order to attract and maintain the participants we feel best represent us as an organization, the 2019 cohort of ATV members will receive a monetary stipend, contingent on attendance at bi-monthly meetings, events, and participation in our summer Internship program.

We strongly encourage all gender-marginalized youth and youth of color to apply.

Apply to be a 2018-19 ATV Member
ATV class of 2017-2018:

  • Bellamy Perez
  • Charlotte Kallander
  • Claire Bucklew
  • Gracie Bucklew
  • Ken Cummings
  • Kennady Quille
  • Laila Rhenifel
  • Miya Bateman
  • Natalie Scott
  • Pallas Garvey

For further information please email [email protected]

*All people who identify as female (cis or trans), trans, or gender non-conforming are welcome to be campers or volunteers in leadership positions at RCRC.

7th Annual Fall Gala

November 17, 2018 0 00 -28800