Feb 04 2021


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Digital Distribution 101 with DistroKid

Whether you’ve distributed many songs or this is your first time, DistroKid is here to help you with everything you should know before and after distributing your music to online stores and platforms.

Experience a personal walkthrough of the distribution process, learn about tools to support you once your music is live and more with DistroKid Marketing Manager, Mikaela Allen.

Mikaela Allen has been the Marketing Manager at DistroKid since February 2020, managing their digital ads and strategic partnerships. Throughout the last 6 years of her working in the music industry, she has had the opportunity to work with brands like TIDAL, RocNation, Madison Square Garden company and more.

Her main goal is to increase opportunities for independent artists in the music industry through her work.

This event is suitable for teens and adults.


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