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How much does a ticket cost?

All tickets for the Gala this year are by donation. We want everyone to be able to join us for this special event at the cost that is right for them. Just like all of our programs, our Gala pricing is operating on a sliding scale. This method of payment requires active participation and personal reflection on what makes sense for your family’s financial situation, and how you would like to support the Rain City Rock Camp community. The sliding scale is one way of acknowledging differences in wealth, income, costs, and privilege and actively addresses the economic disparities in our communities and society.

If you’d like to support RCRC with a donation and are wondering how ticket prices might compare for our traditional in-person Gala, you can use the following guidelines:

General in-person ticket prices bring in $50 for RCRC

Backstage Pass in-person ticket prices bring in $100 for RCRC

You may also choose to donate to RCRC through the silent auction, live auction, or during Raise the Record.

How many tickets should I purchase for my household?

Your number of tickets should be determined by how many members will be logging on to the event and how you’d like to interact. Each guest will receive log-in access for one internet device. Please note: Remo is not supported on mobile phones or tablets. Plan to log into the event on a computer. You may use any device to access our online auction for bidding.

For example, if all of your roommates want to join your call for the Gala, you will only be able to interact from the same device that you log-in on (one screen). If your group would like to interact separately and be able to move to different tables, have separate conversations, or bid as an individual, then each person should purchase their own ticket.

The Virtual Experience

What is the platform for the virtual gala?

Great question! We’ll be using three primary platforms to bring the Gala experience to you, and we promise it will be easy and fun! You’ll need to log-in using a device that can have two browser windows open, or use two separate devices. 

Remo is the interactive streaming website that we’ll be using to host our program for the evening.

  • During the open mingling period (Rocktail Hour):
    • Video chat with everyone in your table group (up to 8 people at a time)
    • Move to join any other group as long as there’s an open seat 
    • Join fun theme tables that will be hosting a special skills-share or game
  • Once the program officially begins:
    • Enjoy a seamless live-streamed event hosted by our emcee, Sasha Cousineau
  • At any point during the event:
    • Use the messaging feature to share with everyone at the event, everyone at your table, or an individual
    • Use the messaging feature to respond to questions and play games with other guests– prizes will be awarded!

SchoolAuction is where you’ll be able to find the following:

  • Our ticketing
    • Register for a ticket to the gala
    • Buy fun add-ons like delicious delivered meals and our party Power Up Pack
  • Our silent auction items will be available for bidding from April 12th-April 16th.
  • Our live auction items will be available for bidding on the day of the Gala, April 17th.
    • You will need to be logged in to SchoolAuction during the Gala in order to bid on any items, such as the live auction or Raise the Record. 

Zoom is where we’ll host a rockin’ afterparty with DJ Carly! To join us, you will need to download and install Zoom (it’s free!). We’ll share a link at the event for you to click and join the party.

After you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive an email with more detailed information about joining us on Remo and SchoolAuction. Tech support will be widely available leading up to and during the Gala if you have any questions or concerns about this part of your virtual Gala experience.

How can I interact with other guests?

At our traditional in-person Gala, you probably looked forward to having a seat at a table with all of your closest Rock Camp friends. The great news about going virtual is that in Remo, you’ll be able to interact with any guest via video or instant message!

Remo is set up as a virtual ballroom with multiple levels, and numerous tables on each level–it kinda looks like a video game! The tables are named after our favorite womxn and gender nonconforming musicians, just like our band practice rooms at camp. You’ll be able to message your friends and say, “Hey, meet me at Lizzo!” where you’ll all be able to video chat together. 

Video chatting will be unavailable during the official live-streamed program, but instant messaging will always be available. 

What is the program for the evening?

Our event will feature fun and inspiring content that you know and love from our in-person Gala. 

  • Our emcee and auctioneer for the evening is the legendary Sasha Cousineau who you’ll remember as the incredible hostess of our previous Galas.
  • Hear from RCRC all-stars like Adult Programs Director & Lead Adra Boo, Board President aNdi pUzl, and South Sound Rocks Director & ATV Co-Facilitator Dani Crivello-Chang.
  • An inspiring speech from a young leader in our community will help you see the full picture of why our mission matters.
  • Parting words from Executive Director Natalie Walker
  • Learn about the importance of our 2021 theme, Key of Change, and how our community plays an integral role in making this theme come to life.
  • Participate in our riveting live auction for big-ticket items such as the Cultural Feast, a custom Band T-Shirt Quilt, tickets to Disneyworld, and more! See our catalogue here.

Who are our vendor partners for this event?

We are so proud to partner with the following locally-based businesses! Their impactful work to bring this event to life has been such a joy, and we know that you’ll enjoy their stellar contributions to support RCRC.

Synchronicity Events with Rocio Miranda

Revel Rouser Events with emcee Sasha Cousineau

Pot Pie Factory with Chef Logan Niles

GOBE Design & Production with Lupe Gonzales and Tiffany Lopez

Bidding and Auctions

Do I need to be a Gala guest to bid in the silent auction?

Our silent auction will be open to members of the general public during the entire period of April 12th-April 16th, no event ticket required. Once the bidding period is open, we’ll make it easy to sign in and bid right away on your favorite items!

The silent auction will close at 5pm on Friday, April 16th so get your bids in now! 

How will the live auction work in a virtual setting?

The live auction will open at 12pm on Saturday, April 17th. Our emcee and auctioneer, Sasha Cousineau, will facilitate the auction live in Remo while you place bids simultaneously in SchoolAuction. To participate in the live auction, you’ll need to be logged into SchoolAuction to view and bid on items. Sasha will be able to see all bids from SchoolAuction in real time as they’re entered. You’ll definitely feel the rush of excitement as the bidding heats up! 

Camp Culture

I love the games at the annual RCRC gala– will there be games this year?

Our event will feature interactive games with prizes! Participate at your table or through instant messaging.

If you purchased a Power Up Pack, enjoy all sorts of fun surprises from sparkling accessories to noisemakers to extra-special games that you can play with your friends! But never fear, games will be open to all guests once we log in to Remo.

What should I wear?

We suggest putting on your gala best! We’re all missing a chance to dress up for an occasion– make it April 17th and you’ll be in excellent company. Rock your favorite cowboy hat & rhinestone-studded top, your wackiest onesie jumpsuit, or your favorite RCRC band t-shirt. 

Will there be an afterparty?

Heck yes! Join us on Zoom after the official Gala concludes. RCRC’s own DJ Carly will be spinning an awesome selection of favorite jams to get us all dancing.