120 Revolutions Powered By Music

120 RPM PosterOur 120 RPM campaign is following the “100 Women, $100” campaign that successfully raised $10,000 for the organization in 2010. We are bringing together 120 donors to support our 120 campers at the donation level of $120.

Donors will receive a necklace with a 45 RPM insert charm, representing our “120 Revolutions Powered by Music.” Charms are being made by a camper parent whose jewelry can be found here. Our charms are custom made and are cast in pewter.

This is the sound of a new generation – this is a sound of a revolution.
Donate now, and join the revolution!


Rain City Rock Camp for Girls makes it possible for girls to learn the value of their voices. This summer, 120 girls will pick up a guitar, bass, mic or drumsticks and learn that their voices are worth amplification. Your donation of $120 will help support Rain City Rock Camp and will ensure that every girl who comes through our doors leaves more confident, powerful and self-assured.

120 RPM Donor Tribute