It’s a Revolution and Everyone is Invited!

Two weeks ago I shared a blog post about the “99 Reasons You Should Volunteer for Rain City Rock Camp this Summer.” The feedback I got was great (if you haven’t read it yet, you should!), and I had various folks approach me hoping to get involved. Among these folks were a number of male-identifying individuals. Their question was generally the same—Can I still volunteer at summer camp even though Rain City Rock Camp provides programming for female-identifying/gender non-conforming individuals?


The answer is yes! We are working hard to empower female-identifying/gender non-conforming individuals, shatter stereotypes around gender and music, and build a community (and world!) that celebrates creativity, embraces authenticity, and values all voices. A fierce movement like this needs a LOT of support—from everyone. If you want to help us make an impact, we want you to volunteer at Rain City Rock Camp! We have a great group of male-identifying individuals in the RCRC community who show up for us where we need them in a supportive way, and we are SO grateful for their help. In short, this is a revolution and everyone is invited.

Four ways you can show up as a FIERCE male volunteer at RCRC:

First, educate yourself. Take some time to learn about what we do! Chat with a staff member / volunteer, check out our website, read our blog – do your best to understand the space that you are going to be a part of. You don’t have to be a RCRC trivia wizard, but we’d like you to be aware of what we are trying to accomplish as an organization. Tip for success: learn what we mean when we say “Get Fierce.”

Second, sign up & show up! Go to our website, fill out a volunteer application, and, most importantly, show up!

Third, follow our lead. We would love your help where help is needed. Please trust our direction and follow our lead! Understand that many of us have been exposed to the “anything you can do I can do/tell you how to do better” mentality (some might call this mansplaining), and we’ve worked hard to create a space where this doesn’t happen. We welcome you giving us your ideas and feedback, but please be mindful of how you do so.

Fourth, be aware! Understand how your gender plays a role in how you interact with the world, and how the world interacts with you. We love that you identify as a male, we just ask that you be aware of your perspective and its origin.

Bonus! If you want to be an extra-fierce male volunteer, check out these additional tips on how to do so, and feel free to ask us any clarifying questions you might have!

Volunteer Opportunities for Male-Identifying Individuals at Summer Camp:

On board and ready to help? Great! The following volunteer are open to all genders, cis or trans, and do not require any musical experience:

Food Crew

Our fierce food crew prepares breakfast and lunch for approximately 75 volunteers and an afternoon snack for approximately 70 campers. Yes, that is a lot of food, which is why we need a lot of help!

Camp Support Crew

Throughout the week, support crew volunteers are called upon to help with data entry, passing out surveys, on-the-spot job coverage, photography, and other tasks that help everyone have a great day at Summer Camp. This position requires a laptop.

Front Desk/Receptionist

From the front desk, the receptionist helps register campers, check people in and out, monitors visitors, takes phone calls, gives directions, answers questions, and sells Showcase raffle tickets/camp merchandise.


This volunteer helps out with last minute needs, runs to the store, fills in for other volunteers, and generally offers help as necessary. This position requires both flexibility and a car.


We need someone who is available throughout the day as a point person for medical emergencies, minor accidents, helping campers with special medical needs, prescriptions, and assisting the receptionist and Mental Health Crew as needed.

Camp Photographer

This individual should be an experienced photographer, and will take candid shots, ID photos for campers and volunteers, camper band photos, lunchtime band photos, large group photographs, and Showcase documentation.

Camp Videographer

We also need an experienced videographer comfortable with shooting video documentation of camp, including interviews and b-roll, and editing footage into short (1-3 minute) clips for social media.

Set-Up! Volunteer

Set Up volunteers help get camp set up on Saturday, July 15. This position includes loading gear into Greenlake Elementary School, putting up posters, organizing swag bags, and more!

Tear-Down! Volunteer

We also need a bunch of volunteers to help clear Greenlake Elementary School of all evidence of cam on July 30. Muscles welcome.

Showcase Volunteer

Showcase volunteers get to hang out at the Crocodile for showcase and help with stage management, merch sales, raffle ticket sales, raffle prize organization, or general set up. We also need people to help get gear from Greenlake Elementary School to the Crocodile the morning of the Showcase (July 22 & 29)

Now that you have all of the information, there is nothing left to do but sign up!


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