Join in With Our Camp Song Mash-up!

It’s a hard time to be apart right now, so we thought the RCRC community could do what it does best and come together to play music—specifically the Camp Song! Submit a video of yourself singing and/or playing the Camp Song on your instrument of choice by Tuesday, March 24. We’ll cut the videos together to create one amazing video of all of us playing music together while apart. 

Send your video (ideal format is MP4) to by next Tuesday, March 24. WE ROCK!

How do I participate?

  • Download this guitar + click track of the Camp Song.
  • Download sheet music for the instrument you plan to play.
  • Record your part in time with the backing track.
  • Submit your video to by March 24!

Need some inspiration to get you started? These two are rocking the Camp Song!

Wait, I still have questions!

Do I need special equipment?
Nope, use your phone, computer, or whatever device you have access to! If you have an audio interface, feel free to use it, but it’s definitely not required.

What if I don’t have the song memorized?
We got you! You can access PDFs for all of the instrument parts here, and listen to a complete recording to remember how it goes.

Should I just submit vocals?
We’re asking for all the instrumentals for the song! If you want to sing AND play guitar/bass/drums/keys, that’s great, or you could just play your instrument of choice.

Should I play the backing track while I’m recording?
If you’re able to listen to the backing track (guitar and click track) using headphones, that will help get a cleaner audio on the video for your instrument/vocals. If you’d rather not use the backing track, the key is C Major at 150 BPM.

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