Ladies Rock Camper Tells All!

Hey Rain City Rock Camp community,

We have two AWESOME events coming up in the next couple of weeks:  First, the Rock Lotto Bands Showcase THIS Saturday (2/17) at The Skylark–we’ve got 7 brand new bands on the bill ready to wow us and put some groove in our weekend.   Second, South Sound Ladies Rock Camp is in just two weeks (3/2-3/4)!  We still have a couple spots open, and we’ve got one of our very own LRC alums here to share why YOU should fill them.

“Hello my name is Jessica Wetter, and being involved with Ladies Rock Camp both as a camper and volunteer has profoundly changed my life for the better, and I want all those who are interested to be able to have a similar life-changing experience!

On the first day of my first LRC, I called the camp director to say I wasn’t going to be able to come, that they could keep my money, that I would volunteer instead and that I was SO SORRY to cancel…. blah, blah, blah! SHEER PANIC. A short while and some smooth-talking later, I was convinced enough to drive down to Theater Off Jackson to “just stay for an hour” to see what it was all like!  I have now done LRC on vocals 2x, drums 1x, guitar 2x, and volunteered ?x. If I had listened to that panic and self-doubt, I would have missed out on so many cool experiences, so much learning, so many amazing connections and laughs, so much fun and so many moments to realize that I could do it!  And I did do it!

With my experience in mind, I have responded to some of the common reasons people say that they ‘can’t’ come to camp.

I can’t afford it

Please talk to LRC registration staff (email if cost is a barrier for you, and let them know where you’re at so LRC can try to get you to camp! Some examples of how LRC can support participants include: sliding scale tuition, a payment plan that you arrange with camp staff, and scholarships made possible by the LRC Community Fund.

Family Obligations

I can only imagine the juggling act that it takes to manage a family’s schedule and obligations. If you can find the resources to take a weekend away for your self improvement, your family will see you face a challenge, learn something new, and conquer scary things! What a model of ferocity you could be!

I’m not musical or I already play music

You’ve never played an instrument before? Perfect!! That is fantastic! LRC will teach you. One of my most favorite things about camp is that I have seen that each person is capable of creating a song with their band at whatever level of experience they have on their instrument! This camp could not exist if it wasn’t possible for brand new musicians to write and perform a song with a brand new band (and have fun while doing it)!

You already know how to play an instrument? Fantastic!  Everyone is somewhere on a musical path, and campers range from no experience to TONS of experience.

Beyond that, LRC is about so much more than the music; it is about expressing yourself, it’s about checking negative cultural conditioning, it’s about practicing supportive collaboration and communication, it’s about community and it’s about getting fierce and being heard!  Music is just a tool to foster some of these things.

I’m an Introvert

It is a busy weekend that is packed with activity and new people, and yet there are some quieter times for listening and reflection.  You can always take a break as you need, keep yourself fueled and hydrated with goodies provided by the amazing food crew or your favorites from home, and feel welcome to do what you gotta do to take care of yourself!

If you have no desire to be in the spotlight, there are ways to work around this, though, ultimately you will be on the stage! Costumes, make-up, and stage-positioning are all ways to side-step the spotlight if needed. Which instrument you pick, what song you create, and how your band delivers it are all aspects of your stage-time that can detract from specific attention on you personally! Get creative!

I’m Scared

I’m guessing most of us have worried about being judged at some point.  What I have learned from LRC is that what YOU think and feel about the song you create with your band is what is important.  Art is subjective, and in the end, all that matters to me is that the creators have expressed themselves, tried their best, supported each other and feel good about what they explored!

I totally understand being scared or worrying about what people might think of you. You are not alone in having those worries! But campers are a diverse group. This is an awesome opportunity, an awesome community and you are going to have an awesome time expressing yourself in a new way!  “It’s about darn time your voice is heard!”

The amount of solidarity and encouragement in this community is what keeps me coming back and keeps me trying new musical things! The environment is so full of kindness, excitement and support; there are many hands holding up each camper as they take flight!”

Feel like giving it a try?  Sign up for South Sound Ladies Rock Camp today!

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