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Some of you heard us mention it in our podcast with KEXP for International Womxn’s Day! Yes, our chosen theme is here. What is meant by Key of Change, you ask? We asked our Program Staff what this means to them and their programs.

Adra, Adult Rock Camp Director

Key of change, from my view, is looking at “how to be the” and “what is needed in the” you know… how do we level up to be the Key of Change in our communities, families, circles? What do we need to make sure that everyone is set up for success? And it also makes me look at what we’re changing. Being the Key of Change… changing the culture of camp, for example, to be one that reflects and includes every single body we serve, in common ground and differences, changing out of old habits that don’t serve us as individuals or as a people… changing the game to reassure that every individual can thrive, regardless of what you’re doing or where you are, physically or figuratively. This is where I begin my thinking around the Key of Change.

Mandy, Program Manager

 Key of Change makes me think of transposition and transformation. I see it rooted in music having the power to affect transformative change in communities, society, and individuals. In non-musical terms it can be a brass key to something: what is the key to unlocking change in yourself, in the world? After a year (Four years? Centuries?) where it’s clear that there is no “back to normal” and the way things were, the Key of Change is necessary to tune into and embrace imagining new futures.

Carly, Summer Camp Director

When this theme was optioned, I immediately thought about Stevie Wonder’s gorgeous, dynamic, revolutionary album Songs in the Key of Life. Our lives this past year have been all about adapting, seeing the truth about injustice in the world, and listening to our hearts tell us what we need as individuals, as a community, and as living beings connected by one heart beat. How do we change this world for the better? How are we going to make music as insightful, as action-driven, as eye-opening as the songs in Stevie’s album? How will we change through writing these songs, and how will the world change along with us, or even because of us? And this brings up even more questions for me- is music the key to unlocking change? Is community that key? Is it…us? The landscape for finding the answers to these big questions is what I think the youth, volunteers, and staff of RCRC are ready to explore this year. It can be daunting to embrace change, but when you do, you’re guaranteed to find a revelation, and maybe even a revolution.

ATV (Amplified Teen Voices)

 Our young leaders from Amplified Teen Voices, all of whom have participated in our programs for so many years, shared how they feel that this theme reflects the mission and values of Rain City Rock Camp. 

Here are just a few of the insightful and thought-provoking reflections that they had to share:

  • “Young people are key to changing the world.”
  • “Change can mean that everyone is learning and growing.”
  • “This key will unlock possibilities.”

Iris, Admin Coordinator & ATV Advisor

 Reflecting on what Key of Change means to me, I’m drawn to the immediate connotation of taking action. This phrase empowers us to fully consider how we want to reshape our world, our community, and this organization. I hope that this key is a tool to harness the power of our dreams, inspirations, and deepest wishes. Throughout my time at RCRC, I’ve seen our staff, volunteers, and campers display an astounding amount of flexibility and willingness to grow towards positive change. From on-the-spot-decisions that make camp run smoothly to the long-term planning that keeps RCRC on the path moving forward, we have the experience and vision to create the future that we want to see. I’m so excited to hear and see what our campers do to bring this theme to life!

Dani, ATV Advisor & South Sound Rocks! Camp Director

 STEVIE made me say it! Songs in the Key of Life has given me life over the years and has pulled me through some hills and valleys. When we were brain dumping about the theme, I was instantly taken back to many moons ago when my friend made me a mixed-tape called “Songs in the Key of Danielle Bernadette” (that’s me, by the way). Each song on that mix had such deep meaning was filled with emotions that made my heart soar and my soul glow. THIS is what we do at Rain City Rock Camp… make hearts soar, souls glow and strengthen the collaborative community to change the world, one program, one event, one donation… one camper at a time. Change. Together we hold the key(s) to making this happen. Key of Change embodies so much of what we do and inspires so much of what we need to do. Key of Change is who we are. Key of Change is our kuleana (responsibility).

Key of Change is going to move us forward, as one heartbeat, into new ground, into new possibilities, into a new year of programming that we can’t wait for you to be a part of. We encourage our community, from board members to campers to those who just love what we do in general, to explore the concept of Key of Change within your families, workplaces, and anywhere you see fit to uplift and call to action the matter of positive change for all!

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