Our 2023 Theme: Make A Scene

Happy 15th Birthday to us! It’s another year of RCRC rockin’ and boppin’ along in our Wacky Wednesday finest, and for the first time, we are reviving a theme previously used in our fifteen year history. You may remember it from 2013…is everybody ready? This year’s theme is…drumroll please……MAKE A SCENE!

We asked our staff and ATV members, “What does ‘Make a Scene’ mean to you?” Our collective thoughts sounded like this: Lights, Camera,  Action! We can take inspiration from DIY musicians we love, and create our own music scene that highlights musicians of marginalized genders, genuinely representing *us*. In our own unique rock camp way, we can disrupt the norm, express energy around things that are important, and cause a ruckus! We’ll lean into the campiness and comedic drama of it all, and artfully think outside of the box. ‘Make a Scene’ can also mean being transparent about what goes on behind the scenes of your creativity, translating your musical expression into storyboards and music videos or performances- the theatrical essence of music

What does ‘Make a Scene’ mean to YOU? We can’t wait to find out!

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