Our 2024 Theme: Turn Up & Tune In

We are so excited to announce the theme for our 16th year, brainstormed by the talented and creative members of Amplified Teen Voices (ATV)…TURN UP & TUNE IN! We asked our staff and ATV, “What does ‘Turn Up & Tune In’ mean to you?” Here are some of our thoughts…

Turn up by showing up for each other in solidarity and community. Support people you know, and people you don’t know. Take meaningful action to intervene in the workings of injustice. 

One ATV member wrote, “Turning up makes me think of taking risks and trying new expansive ideas. Tuning in makes me think of listening to the people around you and bringing care and intentionality to those ideas.” 

Tune in by listening to and thinking critically about significant events happening locally and globally, and about how they are portrayed in popular media. Tune in, also, to yourself, and think about how these events and portrayals of them align, or don’t align, with your core values. Pay attention!

What does ‘Turn Up & Tune In’ mean to you? We can’t wait to find out!

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