Applications are open April 1st through May 31st.

2024 Camp Dates: TBA
2024 Camp Location: Museum of Pop Culture | 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
2024 Showcase: TBA

Rain City Rock Camp’s Advanced Music Program (AMP) is a week-long intensive workshop produced in collaboration with the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) for youth of marginalized genders ages 14 to 19 with prior music experience. AMP’s youth-centered, empowerment-oriented approach to musical development incorporates mentor-guided song writing, band participation and experiential learning.

Campers participate in empowerment workshops, off-site trips to studios and venues, and more! At the end of the week, participants get to record their original song with their band with a professional engineer. 
Who May Apply to AMP?

Youth of marginalized genders ages 14 to 19 with prior music experience in guitar, bass, drums, vocals or keyboard/piano may apply. You don’t have to live in Seattle or Washington State to be eligible. Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and/or gender expansive individuals are strongly encouraged to sign up!

How Much Does AMP cost?

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard. That’s why our tuition is on a sliding scale from $0 to $500. We appreciate your support in paying what you are able, and any amount over $500 is a tax-deductible donation that will continue to help us rock the world!

What Happens After I Apply for AMP?

You’ll hear back from us as soon as we process your application. If you don’t initially get a spot in AMP, don’t worry. You’ll be immediately put on the waiting list and will hear from us if any spots become available. We’ll do our best to get you in!

What is the Express Yourself Piece (EYP)?

The EYP component of the Summer Camp application is a way for us to get to know you better! We want you to create something that exemplifies who you are and what the theme of the year means to you.  For 2023, we’ll be asking applicants to create something that exemplifies who you are and what the camp theme “Make a Scene” means to you. Here are some thoughts on the theme to get you started:

  • How have you disrupted the norm?
  • How would you set the scene for a music video of your making?
  • How do we create a music scene that reflects our whole community?

The EYP can be in any format you choose—painting, song, video, collage, you name it! The more creative, the better! We do ask that you submit your EYP in either PDF, MP4, MP3 or WAV format. Please email your EYP to within two weeks of application. We are so excited to see what you come up with and may even feature your EYP on the RCRC Instagram page!