What will the schedule be like for AMP?

AMP takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday. All campers must be present during the entire camp; please avoid scheduling appointments or other commitments during these times.

Will instruments be provided for AMP?

Instruments will be provided for use at camp during the week. If you or your camper have your own instrument, please feel free to bring it, knowing that your camper will be responsible for keeping it safe. Please note that Rain City Rock Camp does not accept liability for personal instruments.

Answers for Youth

Is AMP only about music?

Music is the vehicle, but our goal is to empower our participants to engage their creative potential, champion equity, develop confidence and self-esteem, and thrive in our community of allies, activists, peers and mentors. We consider our programs equally successful if our participants speak up for the things they believe in as if they go on to release albums.

Will I get to play the instrument I choose on my application?
Typically, yes. But, if you are proficient on two instruments, we may ask you to play your second choice so we can provide opportunities to more campers.

What if I change my mind about the instrument I want to play after I apply?
Due to the need to acquire gear in advance, you cannot change your selection after you send in your application, and you cannot change instruments during camp.

Answers for Parents and Caregivers

How do I pay for AMP?

When you apply, you’ll be asked to pledge what you can pay. If you’re accepted, we’ll contact you to confirm your pledge and will request payment at that time. Please contact programsupport@raincityrockcamp.org for information regarding payment plans or or any additional information about payment.

What if all the spots are full for AMP this year. Should we still try to sign up?

Yes! Send us your application, and we’ll put you directly on the waitlist. There are often cancellations or changes, and we always end up moving campers from the waitlist to enrollment in our programs. We’ll contact you to let you know that you’re on the waitlist and then contact you again if there are openings in the program you applied for.

If we don’t live in Seattle, is my child eligible to apply?

Yes! We always have a few campers who aren’t from Washington. We don’t provide lodging or accommodations, and we are unable to give campers other participants’ personal information. We do, however, encourage campers and families to network with their peers through our parent/caregiver Facebook group, which is available once your application has been accepted. If you’re coming from out of town and would like more information about the Seattle area, please contact us at programsupport@raincityrockcamp.org.

Do you provide lunch or other meals for campers during the day?

Rain City Rock Camp does not provide lunch for campers at AMP. If you’re eligible for free or reduced lunch at school and would like free lunch at camp, please let us know on your application, and we’ll do our best to make arrangements for lunch to be provided.

What is your cancellation policy?

Campers who cancel more than 30 days prior to the first day of camp programming will be issued a tuition refund, minus a $50 deposit fee. If you cancel 30 days or fewer from the first day of camp, you forfeit tuition and will not be issued a refund.