Answers to your questions about 2021 Summer Camp

What will the schedule be like for Summer Camp?

A camp day ranges from morning until mid-afternoon, with breaks between every session. We are mindful of creating a schedule that allows as much flexibility as possible while also providing a full camp experience. Offline creative activities will be incorporated throughout the day as a way to minimize screen fatigue. 

Further details will be forthcoming in Spring 2021.

Will there still be live performances at Summer Camp?

Local musicians will perform followed by a live Q&A session where campers can ask the artist questions.

How many campers will be at Summer Camp?

We expect to have two bands per age group, so there will be plenty of campers of similar ages to support each other.

Will there still be South Sound Rocks! this year?

Since geographic location doesn’t matter in a virtual setting, we’ll be combining South Sound Rocks! and our Seattle Summer Camp into one big Virtual Summer Camp serving campers from the South Sound and Seattle areas.

What online platforms will be used for Summer Camp?

Our primary platform for musical collaboration is Soundtrap. All campers will receive free access to our educational account. We may use additional online platforms as necessary for communication. Our priorities are to ensure free accessibility, safety and security, and ease of learning.

Will instruments be provided for Summer Camp?

Instrument instruction is still part of camp! If campers have access to instruments at home they are welcome to use those. If campers would like to borrow an instrument and are in the Seattle area, RCRC can provide one for a long-term loan for free.

Will there be a Summer Camp showcase?

Yes! There will be a live-streamed showcase for campers, their families, and our volunteer community.

Will there still be workshops at Summer Camp?

Definitely! Lots of your favorite workshops will exist online including sessions on body power, songwriting, and our annual camp theme.

Answers for Youth

Is Summer Camp only about music?

Music is the vehicle, but our goal is to empower our participants to engage their creative potential, champion equity, develop confidence and self-esteem, and thrive in our community of allies, activists, peers and mentors. We consider our programs equally successful if our participants speak up for the things they believe in as if they go on to release albums.

Will I get to play the instrument I choose on my application?

In order to accommodate as many campers as possible, we sometimes assign applicants to instruments other than the one requested on their application. We appreciate your flexibility, and remember—all instruments are awesome!

What if I change my mind about the instrument I want to play after I apply?

You can choose to study guitar, bass, drums or vocals. Please indicate your first, second, third, fourth and fifth choices of instrument on the application. Although we do our best to accommodate everyone’s preferences, some campers will not get their first choice of instrument. Due to the need to acquire gear in advance, you cannot change your selection after you send in your application, and you cannot change instruments during camp.

Can I apply for both Summer Camp sessions?

Please only apply to one session. We want to give as many different campers an opportunity to rock as we can.

Answers for Parents and Caregivers

How do I pay for Summer Camp? 

When you apply, you’ll be asked to pledge what you can pay. If you’re accepted, we’ll contact you to confirm your pledge and will request payment at that time. Please contact [email protected] for information regarding payment plans or questions regarding tuition.

All the spots are full for Summer Camp this year. Should I still try to sign up?

Yes! Send us your application, and we’ll put you directly on the waitlist. There are often cancellations or changes, and we always end up moving campers from the waitlist to enrollment in our programs. We’ll contact you to let you know that you’re on the waitlist and then contact you again if there are openings in the program you applied for. 

We don’t live in Seattle. Is my child eligible to apply?

Yes! Absolutely, especially since Summer Camp is an entirely virtual program.

We do not have an instrument at home that matches the one that my camper was assigned.

If you don’t have your assigned instrument at home, RCRC is happy to provide one if you live in the Seattle area. If you indicate in your application or email [email protected] with a request to borrow an instrument, we’ll follow up to make sure that you get one to borrow for free.

If you happen to have an instrument at home that matches the instrument that you have been assigned for the program, by all means, please use it during instrument instruction.