Rain City Rock Camp is protected from the Heartbleed Bug

Our website and any credit card transactions made on it are are no longer vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug thanks to a new SSL certificate we installed on Wednesday this week.

(If you aren’t sure what the Heartbleed bug is, read more here and here. The first link is more technical and the second is a plain English explanation.)

Evidence that our site is now secure:

Our previous SSL certificate (the layer of encryption that placed on any page that transmits sensitive information like credit card numbers) did use OpenSSL, which had the flaw:

This means that credit card and other sensitive data passing through our site could have been exploited. We reacted quickly when the bug was revealed, and we have no reason to believe that there was any breach. Please get in touch if you have concerns, and rest assured that your transactions going forward are secure.  It has been recommended that folks keep an eye on their accounts that might have been vulnerable (credit cards and debit cards used for online purchase, in this case.)

Thanks for your continued interest in our programs!

-Jenn Johnson
Technology Director, Rain City Rock Camp for Girls


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