Shout Out Seattle! A Wrap-Up


Thank you to everyone who came out to the annual RCRC benefit show, Shout Out! Seattle. For many years, RCRC participated in the Girls Rock Camp Alliance’s “50 Shows in 50 States.” This year, GRCA discontinued the event, because GRCA is an international alliance, and “50 Shows” was only based out of the USA. Here in Seattle, we still wanted to throw an amazing benefit show/party every year, so we changed the name of our annual benefit show to Shout Out! Seattle. This event allows us to “SHOUT OUT” RCRC’s mission to the entire city of Seattle, and this new name also gives a nod to how RCRC uses “SHOUT OUTS” at camp and in our daily operations as a way to let people know they are awesome. SHOUT OUT! SEATTLE is also an “S.O.S!!!,” a public call to action.
And you answered!
Thank you all for showing up, shouting out, and putting the girls and women in our community first! We were treated to performances by camper bands Revolution 4 and Glitterbomb, along with awesome Seattle youth performers Bleach Bear, and volunteer bands Whitney Monge, Wishbeard, and Michelle’s band, The Staxx Brothers, closed out the night. Domino even flew in from her show in Buenos Aires to make an appearance and warm up the crowd!

We would like to thank all of our community supporters that helped us raise critical money for the organization by donating items and services: Young Pilates, The Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Theatre Group, 5th Avenue Theatre, Strategic Living, Natalie Walker, Rhapsody, Jet City Improv, Full Tilt Ice Cream, The Brooklyn Steakhouse, Seattle Drum Exchange. We would also like to thank the volunteers who really came through to help us make the show run: Dani Chang, Amy Blanchard, Patsy Burgess, Lisa Lundgren, Teresa Demel, Kim & Heather Michaelis, Mandy Hubbard, Sarah Stogner, Dacia Saenz, Jeanne Mitchell, Kleo Chrisafis, Shelley Tran and Domino.


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