The Captain is docking the ship… for now.

Hello hello, RCRC community. I come to you with some news. Next week, I am stepping out of my role as Adult Programs Lead. I have been a volunteer and camper going back to 2014, and was officially brought on staff in 2018. I have loved my time here but I also have other aspirations that I must follow. Your gurl has big dreams of growing #BlackHotSunday into something bigger, more substantial, and well, it’s time for me to put my full focus there.

What does that mean for Adult Programs, specifically ARC? Well, it does mean that we are forgoing this Fall’s Adult Rock Camp. For 2023, we’re looking at how we host ARC with considerations around community safety. Covid is still around so we’re always thinking about how to make sure the community feels safe, feels good, and feels valued in wild times. And of course, we’re thinking about the ways that we mash up classic and new programming. Now that we have added the DJ track, we want to look at having all things in one space that absolutely works for all to turn it up- turn the learning UP, turn the vibes UP, and turn the party UP UP UP!

Now, what is also exciting is that we are going to uplift our adult programming with the reimagining of a pre-panini staple, Lotto Bands! Remember when we would get together, mixing up band members to create songs and raise money for the org? Yas, right?! Now, we’re going to make this more of a program of RCRC by making it an event to engage adults who have been rock campers, and/or have a bit more playing experience. More info will be coming out to get you excited about Lotto Bands again!

And of course, there will be more to engage our adult community members- even as we love and uplift our youth, we also see the value in uplifting all ages of marginalized folx. We want to fully realize what it’s like when it’s not just open to all, but designed for YOU to have a place at the table. As someone who didn’t have camp experiences as a kid, being able to be a camper as an adult was (and still is) a really special experience that I actually needed for myself. We are going to continue that legacy for marginalized adults to build community with each other, build up self-love in the individual, and also nurture our youth by creating volunteers who are paying it forward. We want you all to turn the tables towards making RCRC the place for encouragement, for finding your personal power, for shining in your best and brightest light with like-minded folx!

I appreciate all of you who have come to camp, have played, cried, grown and shown out with me. Thank you for your trust and support these last years. And be sure to follow me on socials to see what I’m up to!

O Captain, your Captain… signing off!

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