What is the Umbrella?
Located next door to our administrative office in the historic and culture-rich Central District neighborhood, The Umbrella is our hub for small group in-person programming, community workshops, and band practice space. Our goal is to invite people in to create new things, learn from each other, and to continue to nurture our music and social justice community. We are thrilled to be able to offer this programming space to our community as a resource and to continue to connect and grow together for folx of marginalized genders, both youth and adults. We cannot wait to see you next door. 
2023 Workshops and Class Series
We are thrilled to partner with talented and community-minded Teaching Artists to offer a number of workshops and class series for youth and adults. Offerings include both in-person (at the Umbrella) and virtual options. Check out the schedule and descriptions below!
Music Law with Shirley Roberson
Dig into the details of intellectual property types, licenses, and other contract-based information that’s oh so useful to know about as an artist.
Adults 18+ | In-Person | April 15, 11am-1pm

Roadie Crash Course with Sandra Huezo-Menjivar
Sound engineers are the unsung heroes of audio. And everyone has been a sound engineer at one point or another, from plugging headphones into your computer to setting up a stereo sound system for movie nights! The Roadie Crash Course will boost your knowledge of inputs/outputs, gear, and adapting to different spaces. Let’s literally get ready to rock! 
Ages 15+ | In-Person | April 24, May 1, May 8, May 11, 6-7:30pm

 New Attitude with D’Monica Leone
Are you ready to grow your CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM? Let’s have fun as we practice self-love through goal setting, positive self speech, self reflection and empowerment through movement. 
Youth 8-17 | In-Person | Fridays, May 5, 19, 26, & June 2, 4-5:30pm


How Much Do Workshops and Classes Cost?

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard. That’s why our tuition is on a sliding scale. Single workshops are $50 to $0, and class series are $160 to $0. They are, as always, pay-what-you-can. We appreciate your support in paying what you are able, and any amount over the standard class or workshop tuition is a tax-deductible donation that will continue to help us rock the world! Your contributions ensure access to this experience for all.

Past Workshops
Using Music To Heal with Cody Choi 
Artful Activism with Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm
Who’s Frontin’? with Ariel Burke
Realistic Practice for the Gigging Musician with Yousef Shami
How to Be a Stronger Musician with Anna Mariko Seymour
Community Use: Rent the Umbrella

Members of Amplified Teen Voices paint a large mural on the Umbrella wall.

Interested in renting the Umbrella for band practice or a group meeting? Fill out the form below, and a staff member will be in touch with you to confirm and proceed with the next steps in the rental process.

Band Practice Rental (Please note that the space is available to youth bands for free.)

  • Hourly Practice Rate: $20-30/hour (Best for one or two rehearsals leading up to a show)
  • Monthly Practice Rate: $175-$275  (Up to 2 practices per week)
  • Gear: The Umbrella practice space can come with as much equipment as you need for your practice at no extra charge, including: PA system, guitar and bass amps, instruments, full drum kit
  • Room size: comfortably fits 3-4 people and their gear.
Community Organization or Meeting Rental 

The Umbrella has a full kitchen, table, chairs, projector, and more in a cozy space that will make your meeting or event truly rock. 

  • Hourly Rate: $20-30/hour (Best for individual events)
  • Monthly Meeting/Event Rate: $175-$275 (Up to 2 meetings per week)
The Umbrella is available Sunday-Saturday, from 9am-10pm. While RCRC does host other events and workshops in the Umbrella, we will communicate these events well in advance and will do our best to work with your schedule. 
Sliding Scale Policy
Since 2017, Rain City Rock Camp uses a sliding scale payment policy for many programs. A sliding scale is a tool that can provide equitable access to skill-building and life-long learning opportunities, regardless of financial resources. This model requires active participation and personal reflection on what makes sense for your family’s financial situation, and how you would like to support knowledge-sharing in the Rain City Rock Camp community. We continue to implement the sliding scale model to acknowledge that differences in wealth, income, and privilege impact access to our programs – and that those differences are reflected in the racialized experiences of our communities.