United We Band

Our theme for this year is not a new concept for us – it has been running through our veins and electrifying our actions since the very start of Rock Camp…


Rain City Rock Camp for Girls was founded on the principles of collaboration and non-competition. Girls learn to work together in their bands in order to write an original song in ONE WEEK. This year we will continue a directed focus on what we can achieve TOGETHER through collaboration and teamwork.

United We Band

United We Band

Last year’s theme of “Make a Scene” truly captured the energy of our growing community. Building off of this foundation, we want to continue with intention and awareness around the factors that can create fractures and friction within a community. We believe that when we come together to fight for a common cause, we can still remain aware of the different oppressions and aggressions that each of us face. We hope that an understanding of our differences will help us to be allies to each other. We want to make the words “ally” and “friend” VERBs, not nouns.

Together we are fighting against a world that tells us that there is only room for one girl to succeed, and a world that tells us that we have to put each other down in order to raise ourselves up. We have a  common fight against a world that tells girls that their value is in how they look, not what they do, and a world  that tells girls that there is only one way to be a girl.

We believe that we are stronger together than we are alone. There is power in numbers. When we work together, so much more can be achieved, so many barriers broken down. We work together by creating bands of women and girls, and providing a space for them to write and create together. We fight oppression, low self esteem, and sexism with the power of music, and we do it together- one band at a time.

We are the band!

We are the band!



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  2. Keyla says:

    Walking in the prcsenee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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